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All students, staff and parents of students from Bankhead Elementary School
may sign out books for classroom or personal use.
Kindergarten: 1 book
Grades 1-3:  2 books (at least 1 fiction)
Grades 4-6:  4 books (at least 1 novel)
Student books are a 2 week loan.  Two 2 week renewals are allowed.
Students must return overdue books before new books will be signed out.
Teacher Sign Out:
Teachers may sign out materials at any time. If the circulation desk is unoccupied, please either stack materials with your name attached, or sign them out on the Teacher Signout Sheet. If you leave materials to be signed out, they will be processed and delivered to you ASAP.
If materials are signed out in your name and a student wishes to borrow the book, please sent them to the library to sign it out in their own name.
Parents are welcome to borrow books from our collection. You may want to check out the parent section of our library as well as the regular collection. Be sure to ask the librarian for the location of these resources. Loans are for a 2 week period, with two 2 week renewals. Parents are able to sign out a maximum of 8 items and are responsible for their return.