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Bankhead Elementary’ s computerized library has a wonderful collection of books which supports the curriculum and student recreational reading therefore becoming a place for both research and general reading.  Our collection is comprised of more than 15, 000 items consisting of books (both fiction and non-fiction), magazines, as well as reference materials. 

Find a Book!  (click on this link)
Students will have the opportunity for book exchange during class room scheduled times which occur once a week.  
The library staff consists of one part time teacher-librarian and one part time library clerk.  The library clerk is responsible for circulation and physical maintenance of the collection and looks after processing of new materials.  The teacher-librarian works with whole classes or groups of students on literature and research-based activities.  These activities are co-operatively planned with the classroom teacher so that they are relevant and reinforce the curriculum learning outcomes.  Projects often involve practicing all the steps of the research process. Many other activities to reinforce recreational reading are initiated by the teacher-librarian.  These may vary from author visits, family literacy day promotion, or having the Kelowna Rocket hockey players come and promote reading with students. Library skills are always integrated into lessons as they are needed.  Accessing information from all sorts of sources is introduced in the early grades and expanded as the student gets older.  It is our hope that by the time a student has moved through his/her elementary education, he/she will have had a variety of experiences in the library and will have acquired skills which will enable him/her to feel comfortable and work effectively in a library environment.  
Anyone who has any questions about the library program can phone Mrs. Beaudoin, Teacher-Librarian, at the school.