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Here is a sampling of extra-curricular activities available throughout the year:

    • We-Day Conference:  (October-Vancouver)
    • Spirit Team:  (All Year)
    • Monitors: Kindergarten, Lunch Time, X-Walk Patrol, Office, Technical Set-Up
    • Social Justice Group: (All Year)
    • Battle of the Books:  (All Year)
    • Speech Arts
    • Wrestling: (October)
    • Rugby: (Sept - October)
    • Basketball:  (Spring)
    • Games Club
    • Outdoor Playground PALS club  
    • Volleyball: (March - April)
    • Running Club (April - May):  Students from gr. 1- 6 are invited to have fun, stay fit, and run Lombardy Park at lunch with their friends.


Our school is always open to new ideas and initiatives.  If you have a specialty or interest and would like to sponsor a group of students (eg. art club, math club, sports club, science club, etc.) please see the principal.