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How do I become involved in my child's school?  
Parent Advisory Councils are the formal "voice" of parents to provide input to schools in British Columbia.  All parents/guardians of children attending each school are automatically members of this important council.  
It is our hope that all of our parents will get involved in this important group.  At Bankhead Elementary School, monthly meetings and other activities are planned and organized by your executive.
PAC MISSION STATEMENT:  The PAC is dedication to the education and well being of the child.  The primary mandate of the PAC shall be to promote and support education, to contribute to a sense of community, to encourage effective communication between home and school, to foster meaningful parent participation, and to strengthen the role of families in educational activities and decision making in the school.

PAC Meeting minutes

Bankhead Parent Committee questions can be made to the following email address: ("control click" on the email address)
Our executive representatives are:
Jenna Jones
Mikaela Dunn
Anita Kohut
Alison Rasmussen
​Events Coordinators
Tenecia Richards
Jen Tehiwi
Sam Walsworth
Alisha Heidt
Cassie Halter
Christina Jenion
Mandy Bloomer
Graham Foster
Jess Reichenbacht
Sarah Robinson
Hot Lunch Chairperson
Hot Lunch Co-Chairperson​
Anita Kohut
Sandra Kerkhecker
​Fundraiser Coordinator
​Leah White

  • Yet to be determined.
Meeting Dates for this year:
  • Most meetings will be on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 6:00 pm by ZOOM.   Please check Bankhead's website calendar for dates of the meetings.
  • The Principal does timely presentations to cover emerging topics during the school year.  If you have any questions please contact the school.  

BC Confederation of Parent Advisory:
Central Okanagan PAC Web Site:
Internet Super Heroes:
Ministry of Education: