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Phone: (250) 870-5114
Mr. Peter Gallo, Principal
Mrs. Cheryl Nanci, Admin Assistant
We Value Relationships: "It takes a community to raise a child." This quote is proudly displayed in our gym across our stage. We meet the needs of all our learners by developing strong relationships with our learning community, our educational partners, and our outside agencies. Throughout the year, our learning community offers families, parents, siblings, and staff members many opportunities to meet, discuss, celebrate, and learn together in order to meet our students' diverse needs. We have been provided donations from the United Way to support our literacy evenings, and breakfast club. A local non-profit society, Food For Thought, has adopted our breakfast room and supplies baked items, and juice to help feed our children. The Big Brothers & Big Sisters organization has involved themselves in a very positive format again this year with our most vulnerable students by being mentors. Further, they have facilitated the 'Friends For Life' and 'Fun Friends Program' to four of our classes in the spring. And again, we are fortunate to have little babies visit Kindergarten and one of our Grade 1 classrooms regularly through "The Roots of Empathy" program. A new retirement residence around the corner from our school has become a favourite field trip for our younger readers who enjoy sitting with a senior one-to one reading. Our gr. 3's also visit to help nurture their understanding of pioneer life long ago.  And at Christmas, we have our Bankhead Choir perform for the residents at Northwood.