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Principal’s Message

It does take a village to raise a child.  Our approach is to meet every child's needs, which encompass social, emotional, physical and academic development.  In our community, we strive to work in partnership (i.e. teachers, staff, parents) to help children grow to their potentials.  Our school focuses on helping students understand their body-brain connection to help them make good choices.  We also promote healthy life-styles of adequate exercise, rest and nutrition.  Our belief is that school should be engaging, relevant, meaningful, fun and should help children attain essential skills.  One of our school goals is to help children understand and practice 21st century learning skills of being a thinker, learner, collaborator, innovator, and contributor.  These skills, we believe, will help children be prepared for school and life.

We all share responsibility in making Bankhead Elementary School excellent in all areas.

Students need:

  • a positive attitude and good behaviour
  • regular attendance and diligence in their studies
  • respect towards their school mates

Parents need:

  • involvement in school activities
  • to assist in ensuring your child's program and work get completed
  • regular contact with the school
  • a positive working relationship with your child's teacher
  • to advocate for your child's education

Staff need:

  • continued commitment in providing the prescribed curriculum through meaningful and motivating activities
  • ongoing monitoring of student's progress through a variety of assessment tools
  • regular communication with parents

Administration need:

  • leadership which reflects the commitment to provide a safe and caring environment for all children in our school
  • to ensure programming needs are met for each student
  • to communicate relevant information to the school community
  • the ability to articulate and plan a direction to improve life at Bankhead Elementary

I encourage and welcome you to become involved in your child's school. I look forward to working together with students, staff and parents and also to the challenges and celebrations that the school year will bring!


Peter Gallo